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Meanwhile 2 years later...

Michael Thompson

Well Folks, it's been 2 years and we’ve now reached over 34k followers on Instagram!

It’s sure been a wild ride with the RC market going up and down like a roller coaster, not to mention 2 of the biggest R/C Giants having financial & supply issues. 

Thanks to customers like you,  Metalconceptsrc is still here, and coming out with some exciting new parts for the UDR and the Baja Rey's big brother the SUPER Baja Rey. 

We are still in the early stages of design but these new products are guaranteed to be big sellers.


So Stay tuned and stay in touch while we work through our growing pains keeping up with demand and coming out with new products!

Been a while but...

Michael Thompson

Hi Everyone!


So it's been awhile, but, we are still going strong!

Since the last blog post, I have made a lower front A-arm for the Losi Baja Rey, and have beenworking on the upper A-arm for the Baja rey.

And although it's been slow going (because of my backlog of work), I will be posting the 3d cad drawing of the upper a-arm in the next week, for some user feedback. So, looking forward to hearing from you all, and keep on trucking!

Hardened Gears!

Michael Thompson

I have worked a deal for Yet style Hardened helical gears for the TT10! So stay tuned, hopefully I will have them rolling off the line with the new hardened gears late next week sometime! This rear end will be Truly bulletproof!

Yeti A-arms

Michael Thompson

Well the pre-order event is here! You can get in the line for the long Awaited Yeti A-arm specifically designed for the Score TT truck. The pictures on the site are just 3d prints of whats to come, used for fitment and design. The A-arm will be aluminum and much higher quality than the pictures you see here.

Gear Ratio's

Michael Thompson

For all the people that have looked at the Gear ratio I've had it listed incorrectly and the Gear Ratio is now Correct on the web pages.  It is 13 tooth pinion and 38 tooth Ring gear. Which is what is listed in the Axial YETI's owners manual as the stock ration for AX30392 and an HD AX30395.

TT Lower A-Arms

Michael Thompson

Well that a arms finally made it and are ready for sale! Overcoming several designing hurdles we are able to bring you our first close to scale lower gull wing style a-arms for the trophy truck scale enthusiast! 


New A-arms

Michael Thompson

Well the New A-arms are almost ready and will be in web-store in a few weeks! Got a few proto-types out for testing and opinions. Pictures can be seen at my Instagram sight @metalconceptsrc.  When the product becomes available I will post some pictures up here as well!


launch of instagram

Michael Thompson

With our recent launch of Instagram @metalconceptsrc we have gotten a boost in sales! Would love to thank all our Followers for the wonder showing! 


Thanks everyone!


stay tuned for our upcoming new Lower Gull wing A-arms! Pictures soon.

New parts

Michael Thompson

I am looking to expand the line a bit, and, On my To-Do list are gull wing front a-arms, and some form of wheel that isn't quit so expensive but still has a nice look!

let me know what you think!

Trailing arms

Michael Thompson

Well we are almost done with our trailing arms and hope to have new pictures up on the sight soon! We are going to start out target price with 46.00 anodized black and go from there if we find these are sell too fast we can go up or if that is an unrealistic price we will come down.

Let us know what you think!