Metal Concepts R/C

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"You asked for it, We made it"

A new company arising from the needs of many, to fill the gaps in the
R/C industry. We specialize in making smaller quantity based on the needs of our customers.

Needful Things

Style & Quality

User and customer Styled to make the most out of a growing industry to fill niche's in the market. Hoping to bring great quality and needed products to those in need of ...well, more!

The market is constantly changing from Rock-crawling to Trophy trucks to just bringing back that truck from your younger days into a smaller but nostalgic form! If it's needed then ask and we'll endeavor to make it.


Made with heart and 100% homegrown ingenuity

We started out just making things for ourselves and everyone was always asking where we get our parts, so we decided to produce those same parts and we are now offering them to our clients!

Figuring that, if a few people were interested, we could find more with our same interests!